10 popular professions in freelancing in 2022

Every year there are changes in the labor market. It is important to track them in order to understand where the business is moving, what there is a request for. This will allow you to quickly adapt to the demand and remain a sought-after specialist.

We analyzed different sources of information in order to investigate the situation and understand which experts in the field of creating and developing business projects entrepreneurs will need in 2022. A small spoiler: there are no drastic changes (and this is normal). Just certain tools for freelancer and business, traffic channels, promotion are more in demand and those who know how to work with them, respectively, as well.

Internet Marketer

It would seem that there are already so many marketers on the market, and even more so for Internet specialists. This is true, but companies are spending more and more on advertising. According to eMarketer, their spending on this item of expenditure will only grow.

And in order to competently invest in promotion, you need specialists who understand this. Internet marketers here act as universal fighters who must be well versed in different traffic channels, advertising, use various services, tools for a freelancer and understand how to distribute the advertising budget so as to achieve the desired marketing goals. It is not necessary to do everything yourself with your own hands, but it is very important to understand how and what works, otherwise you will not be able to build a competent strategy for promoting the project.

Today, this profession can be mastered by yourself, but it is better not to waste time on self-study, but to take short-term courses, where the basics have already been collected and there are clear instructions-templates for working with different programs, tools. Among those that we can recommend:

  • course “Integrated Internet Marketing” from GeniusMarketing;
  • “Digital Marketing” course from KAMA;
  • course “Digital-marketer” from LABA.

If we talk about free resources, then the basics of digital marketing can be mastered through the training program “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” from Google Digital Workshop.


The reason for the demand for these specialists is the same as that of Internet marketers. But another argument in favor of targetologists is that Facebook is increasingly changing the algorithms of work. It is increasingly difficult for a person to interact with it “off-topic”, because you need to know too many nuances. Therefore, it is easier for entrepreneurs to develop and promote their projects to cooperate with targetologists than to figure it out themselves, even if it is still a small business.

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What a targetologist does:

  • analyzes and segments the target audience;
  • launches advertising campaigns through Facebook Ads;
  • is able to work with chatbots, connect them to pages in social networks;
  • he himself creates creatives (design and preparation of texts) or understands how to put TK to other specialists and accept their developments;
  • understands what can be changed to improve your ad metrics.

If you plan to master this profession from scratch, you can use the following resources:

  • course “Faculty of Targeted Advertising” from GeekBrains;
  • course “Targetologist from scratch” from SkillBox;
  • Facebook Help Center
  • YouTube channel “Yuri Slepko: targeted advertising”.

TikTok Specialist

According to Cloudflare, TikTok has become the most popular online resource in 2021, and its popularity is only growing. Today it is not just a platform with dance videos. There’s a lot of useful, expert content here, presented in an entertaining manner. The social network includes both small experts who develop personal brands and world-famous companies. But those who are well versed in the functioning of the site are still few, so such specialists in 2022 will be especially in demand.

The functionality of such a pro is approximately the same as that of the SMM manager familiar to us – the development of a promotion strategy in the social network, the preparation of a content plan, production. The difficulty is that you need to create a lot of videos and constantly follow the trends in order to go into recommendations and gain an audience for free.

So far, there are no cool training programs from the leaders of the educational market. Therefore, the best opportunity to master the profession is to download TikTok, carefully study it and know the basics of SMM, Internet marketing.


According to the personnel portal, in 2022 in the list of sought-after specialists there are those who are engaged in PR and public relations.

To be honest, they are often neglected, especially small projects at the start. And in vain. PR perfectly complements the effectiveness of other marketing tools such as targeting, SMM, gives great coverage and allows you to work on brand awareness, reputation (and this is a long and difficult process). A person who has access to warm contacts in large media, professional communities of different directions, is especially appreciated.

To become a PR manager, it is not necessary to undergo some kind of thematic training. Here it is more important to be an effective networker, to be able to negotiate, to find channels where there is the right target audience.

B2B Sales Specialist

These specialists were all in the same list of, which was written above. Why B2B? Because they allow you to receive orders with larger checks (hundreds of thousands and millions of hryvnias) and customers. There are many B2C salesmen on the market who do a good job, perfectly and averagely know different tools for a freelancer. But those who know how to work “in the cold”, independently go to large clients, agree on cooperation are few, so such professionals are especially valuable in principle and will be in demand in 2022.

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To become such a specialist, it is important to first study the features of the psychology of decision-making by people, the basics of negotiations, sales scripts, ways to effectively communicate with different types of customers. And practice a lot, much.

Email Marketing

If it seems to you that today the best channel for promoting a business project is only social networks, then this is far from the case. The results of the Smart Insights study show that investing in email marketing pays off almost 2 times better than in SMM. Therefore, if you wanted to try yourself in marketing, then working with mailing lists is an excellent and promising option.

What an email marketer does:

  • develops a content strategy for mailing, which then turns into a chain of letters and a sales funnel;
  • writes texts for newsletters;
  • layouts mailings and launches their sending through special services;
  • monitors analytics.

There are no special trainings in email marketing that could advise. Here the best option is to study in general the basics of marketing, Internet marketing. You can read such books:

  • “E-mail marketing. A Comprehensive Guide” by Dmitry Kot.
  • “E-mail marketing for creative people” by Alexander Grishin.
  • “Selling newsletters” by Jan Brody.

Motion Designer

Among the main trends in both graphic and web design there are animations of different formats – microanimations, working with 3D objects, slide shows (according to Canva). To realize all this, you need motion designers.

Here’s what they do:

  • animate both 2D and 3D illustrations;
  • create short videos with motion elements;
  • “revive” logos;
  • make showrils (optional, but in creative agencies a popular task).

To work as a motion designer, you need to be able to interact with After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop. And also know the basics of graphic design and animation.

Now there are not so many of these specialists on the market, since it is still a task to deal with the necessary programs. And if you decide to try yourself in this area, here are some free and paid resources that you can use:

  • courses on Method Education;
  • courses from the School of Visual Communication (especially “Commercial Motion Design: Middle Online”);
  • YouTube channel “Motion Design School”;
  • books by Johannes Itten (it is better to read everything to understand both shapes and colors);
  • “Motion Design Beginning” course from Projector.
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Product and Project Manager

Managers are those specialists who will be in trend for many years to come. After all, often to launch large projects, you need someone who coordinates all processes within the team, communicates with customers, monitors deadlines, budget, quality of tasks.

Often, specialized specialists come to this role who are tired of doing everything with their hands, know business processes perfectly well and are ready to manage them. But the option of becoming a project or product manager from scratch also has a place to be.

Frankly, some special training here will not really help to pump hard skills. They appear in the process of work, with experience. But you can learn the basics of effective management through books:

  • “Comprehending Agile: Values, Principles, Methodologies” by Andrew Stellman, Jennifer Green.
  • “Leader and Tribe: Five Levels of Corporate Culture” by John King, Dave Logan.
  • «Scrum. A Revolutionary Method of Project Management” by Jeff Sutherland.
  • “Without TK: How to launch a service and not miss anything. Outsourcing of digital product development” by Dmitry Ershov.

Java Developer

According to venture beat, it is Java developers who will be popular in 2022. The reason is banal – these specialists are engaged in the development of web applications, software, and these are the things that are needed to launch a huge number of business projects. And Java is a rather complex programming language, which is known at a good level by a small number of developers. Therefore, such freelancers will be worth their weight in gold.

Where you can learn this skill if you decide to master the profession:

  • “Java Elementary” course from Hillel;
  • “Java Pro” course from ITEA;
  • Java course from Mate Academy.

Content Marketer

The number of different platforms, resources through which you can promote projects and get leads is constantly growing. Accordingly, there is a growing demand for people who know what content to post where. Therefore, the trend towards the demand for content marketers remains in 2022.

What does such a specialist do? If in very general terms, then he is able to draw up a content strategy in such a way as to correctly distribute content between different channels, and understands what materials and how to adapt to these channels. By content we mean not only texts, but also video, visual, photo, audio.

Most often, this direction is transferred from copywriting or Internet marketing. It is important to know the basics of both areas.

We described what the situation on the labor and freelance market looks like in 2022.


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