20 funny backgrounds for Google Meet

The pandemic has contributed to the growing popularity of video conferencing services. They allowed you to more environmentally experience the transition from offline to online, discuss important strategic issues remotely and stay in touch with colleagues. One of the most popular google meet services is completely free and works directly from the browser.

But there was a problem: what to do if the call is in 10 minutes, and in the background, there is a mess, or you find yourself on the sea coast, while colleagues are secluded in their apartments. There is a solution – backgrounds for Google Meet.

Control Center from Puzzle

Become the master of the Emotion Control Center from Pixar’s Puzzle cartoon. What emotion will you choose for the next meeting – Joy, Sorrow, Fear, Squeamishness or Anger?

Love Island Interview Chair

Love the British reality show Love Island? We offer to become its active participant – sit in a chair, and the meeting in Google Meet will be filled with endorphins. The perfect solution if you want to gossip about competitors.

Police shot

Are you the same employee who always runs all assignments, meets deadlines and is considered a “dandelion of God” in the team? It’s time to appear to colleagues in a new guise. Fortunately, this police shot will be taken without consequences, just kidding.

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Metro Goldwyn Mayer logo

The legendary screensaver with leo Leo will be recognized by almost everyone. Now you can become that growling lion – load this background and take the place of the main character.

Background for office interview

Become the protagonist of the comedy series “Office” with the help of a new background for Google Meet. What you need during the red zone, when there is no opportunity to come to the real office and communicate with colleagues.

Sofa from The Simpsons

Tell me, what could be more iconic than the sofa from The Simpsons? Now imagine that you have become a new member of the family, for example, Igor Simpson. You already have a legendary sofa – just upload it to your Google Meet background.

Game of Thrones

Become the King of the Andals and the First Men – sit back on the Iron Throne. There is no need to fly to King’s Landing, just upload the background during the meeting, and your room will automatically turn into the Red Castle.

White House in the United States

Even if you are an ordinary freelancer, designer, copywriter, Google Meet allows you to become one of the most influential people in the world. You just need to sit comfortably in the White House office. Choose an elegant top of the image so that no one doubts that today you are managing at least an online conversation.

Meme “Everything is fine”

If everything in your team does not go according to plan, then this legendary meme will be a great support for colleagues. Use it to show others: there are positive sides to what is happening, everything will be fine.

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Ready to become the new caretaker of the Overlook Hotel? Forward! Just download the background of the hotel lobby from the classic horror movie “The Shining”. Just don’t forget to look around… not much.

Talking Head from Futurama

In the future of the animated series, the heads of celebrities are placed in a special solution with opal. So, the Museum presents the heads of US presidents, singers, actors, photo models. We offer to replenish the collection with your head and be in the year 3000. Ready? Then upload your photophone to Google Meet.


How do you like that, Elon Musk? Anyone who wants to be on the moon in a second. Rumor has it that Neil Armstrong may have used this same background back in 1969 to fool us all. What if? After all, the picture is very realistic. You meet with colleagues in Google Meet, and they are like: “Where are you?”, And you say to them: “And I ran away to the moon from the coming collapse because of the flow of tasks.”


Become a good Godzilla who won’t destroy the whole world like the real one did. Well, either destroy everything if the work plan is not fulfilled or colleagues have screwed up a lot.

Best Shooter

Do you think you can be a better pilot than Maverick himself from Better Shooter? Sit in the cockpit of the classic F-14 Tomcat jet and head to your next meeting.

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Central Perk from Friends

Down with boring calls, let’s imagine that you are in the café Central Perk, enjoying the lamp atmosphere and discussing important issues with colleagues. It remains only to decide which of you is Ross, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Monica or Rachel. Or you can create your own adaptation of legendary heroes and be a designer, developer, marketer, etc.

Great Barrier Reef from Nemo

If you’re having a rough time at work, try relaxing in the calming waters of the Great Barrier Reef. Don’t forget the wise words of Fish Dory: “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”

Living room from the cartoon “Up”

Join Carl on his journey to see Paradise Falls. Hopefully you’re not afraid of heights or talking golden retrievers.

Fear Factory from Monsters, Inc.

At the sight of you, children begin to cry, and you can not find a common language with cute creatures? Perhaps you should take the place of Sally, the hereditary scarecrow? We invite you to Monsters, Inc., to check whether you really inspire fear or, perhaps, you yourself are afraid of the kids.

SpongeBob’s House

Who lives in a pineapple underwater? It’s SpongeBob SquarePants. And, of course, you, if you upload this background to Google Meet. Before meeting, we recommend talking to Patrick and turning over a few Crabby pies like a real SpongeBob!

Flea marketman’s house

Okay, it’s time to confess. Are you a fan of the American reality show Hoarders and watch people fill their homes to the brim with junk? This does not mean that you are Plyushkin, but you can surprise colleagues in Google Meet – just choose this background.


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