Freelance and pets: friends or anchor to the house?

Do you have a pet, or maybe more than one? How to combine travel, work, a long time of absence from home and taking care of your friends? Will a childhood dream become the anchor to the house that can prevent you from realizing dreams of traveling to distant lands? There are no hopeless situations. You just need to think everything through in advance.

So, let’s talk about pets, and for some just friends. Remember, because almost every one of us in childhood wanted to have a puppy, kitten, parrot, guinea pig, hamster or “at least fish”. As an aquarist with 15 years of experience, I like this expression especially. After all, knowledge, time and special equipment to maintain balance in the aquarium, especially with live plants, is required oh so much. And it’s a whole science. Oh well, not about that yet, at least not in this article.

Let’s dream a little…

For various reasons, not everyone was able to fulfill their childhood desire. Well, now that we have grown up and are working on freelancing, can we afford it?! Yes, we often can, well, “at least fish” 🙂

If you are a freelancer, you have probably already felt the advantages of this style of work. I am sure that you have read a single article about this, including in our blog. No?! Well, then after reading this article, I’ll suggest you read another one!

Many go freelance to feel freedom: the freedom to build a work schedule, the freedom to choose an order, the freedom to choose a workplace and its location. And then it came true – you are a freelancer! With the work schedule, it seems, they began to understand: they learned to plan, allocate time for loved ones, even sleep a little.

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With orders, too, everything gradually “looms”: you no longer rush to the first available order, evaluate the budget of the project and the necessary costs of time and effort. And what about the choice of workplace and its location? A laptop at hand, Wi-Fi is there. What more do you need?

Over time, you begin to be visited by tempting thoughts about working for a week or two on the coast of Goa, or maybe in a quiet one-story house with a lawn on the roof on the shores of the Norwegian fjord, or just in another corner of your stunning country. Well, you can! What’s stopping you?

What to do with my pet during the holidays?

Let’s return to the topic of our article. Even before “freelancer” or already under it, you realized your childhood dream or approached this issue consciously with all seriousness – it does not matter! The main thing is that now you have your own live alarm clock. He wakes you up in the morning and calls you to the kitchen or really wants to take a walk with you in the early or early morning, regardless of the weather. Or maybe just living creatures silently watch you from behind the glass walls of your aquarium and want attention.

Whether you got a vacation or decided to take a temporary break from orders – it doesn’t matter. Distant expanses are already calling, but you are thinking: “What to do with the pet?”

There are several options:

  • take with you;
  • find someone who will look after the animals (relatives, friends or specialists);
  • send “to the hotel” for animals;
  • arrange self-service systems.

The choice of one or another option is influenced, of course, by the type of pet, its age and size. An important factor is the peculiarity of the content of your pet – restrictions related to habits, health, and so on.

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Owners of other pets will probably not agree with me, but, in my opinion, dogs are the most difficult to experience separation from their owner. Perhaps this impression is created due to the fact that the dog is an extrovert, whose emotions are immediately visible and genuine.

If you have cats and dogs:

  1. Try to find a “guardian”. If you have relatives or friends who love animals as much as you do, then you are unspeakably lucky and, most likely, this is the most ideal option. You conduct high-quality instruction on all the basic nuances of communication with your pet, provide the food to which your pet is accustomed, buy a few new toys for him in advance and can be calm – you have a few weeks to travel and rest. This universal scheme is suitable for almost all types of pets.
  2. Take your pet with you. But keep in mind that there are many nuances. It is necessary to study the rules for importing pets of the country in which you are going. It is necessary to take care of all travel and veterinary documents in advance. The main difficulty is transportation. This is the biggest stress for animals, which is perhaps much greater than the boredom that your pet experiences without you. Transportation of a pet will also additionally cost you a penny. If you still decide, then be sure to think about your accommodation with an animal on vacation – the presence of a pet is not always welcome.
  1. Find a hotel. Another option for solving our issue is the so-called hotels for pets, where you can leave your pet before arrival. Hotels usually have a veterinarian who will look after the state of health of the animal. To expect that your pet will receive the same level of love and affection that you provide him, of course, is not worth it, but this option is quite acceptable.
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What should an aquarist do?

Separately, it is necessary to say about aquarium fish and shrimp. Usually, feeding these pets is carried out twice a day, and once a week it is necessary to replace 20% of the volume of water.

At the moment, there are a large number of automatic devices that are able to supply dosed food to the aquarium according to the set program, turn on and off the lighting, supply CO2 and fertilizers on a schedule.

The autonomy of this system is quite large, and you can not interfere in it for several weeks. Most species of fish, especially freshwater ones, will be able to survive without water changes if you are gone for a couple of weeks. But even here there are options. Specialized aquarium chemistry will significantly reduce the concentration of harmful substances, which can replace the replacement of water while you are away.

In conclusion

I would like to note that the purpose of this article was not so much to provide you with all possible options for solving the issue of travel, if there are favorite pets at home, but to make it clear the main thing – that your domestic friends are in no way an anchor that keeps you in place. And your meeting with them after a week or two of separation will be full of emotions on both sides! I’m telling you this, a man who has a dog, a cat, fish and shrimp at home 🙂

By the way, Sergey, the author of the article, which I would like to advise you to read immediately after mine, has a cat. And this does not prevent him from enjoying travel!


Written by Shubham

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