Freelancing with Pleasure: 6 Ways to Increase Your Hourly Rate

The desire to work less, to get more is the most powerful engine of human progress. Thanks to what they came up with, a wheel, a pump, an engine, and then a personal computer. Our time reflects this aspiration in the form of a freelance community. Remote workers work harder and better in exchange for saving personal time and high hourly wages.

If you have already joined them or intend to do so, you will like the article. From it you will learn how to improve productivity, increase the cost of betting and earn more.

1. Improve your skills

To get a job, it is important to show your competence. Not only banal information about years of experience will do. It can be:

  • illustrations in the portfolio – for designers;
  • TOEFL and IELTS certificates – for translators;
  • examples of written applications – for programmers.

The better the skills of the applicant, the higher the probability of receiving an order for the task. More completed tasks – higher reputation on the stock exchange. Accordingly, you can request more money. On our service, these statistics are in the profile:

If you work remotely with your regular customer, explaining the increase in the hourly rate will be doubly difficult. Start by compiling a comparative skill sheet. In the left column, write down your experience and knowledge at the beginning of work on the client’s project, and in the right – their current position. Don’t forget to describe in your resume what courses and refresher activities you attended, and what it gave you.

The client will appreciate your achievements, and, at a minimum, will agree to negotiate a review of the rate. Otherwise, look for another employer. Change is the only way to gain new experience and earn more.

2. Organize tasks in order of priority

Let’s imagine that you were given a difficult task. One that you can’t do in one day. In order to quickly and efficiently implement the project, first of all, we break it into stages. Try to distribute them in such a way that each new stage of work begins with a new day. So every day you start with a clean slate.

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A fresh head and a cheerful spirit will allow you to better think through the logic of the task.
Imagine a designer who should draw a poster to advertise a serious client. There are 6 days to complete the task.

The work schedule should be distributed as follows:

  • processing of ideas;
  • concept creation;
  • selection of optimal concepts, coordination with the art director;
  • edits;
  • determination of the final option;
  • edits of the release poster from the client.

Take, for example, the first day, the goal is to collect a pool of ideas, and choose the most suitable ones. First, we define the concept of the poster, choose the color scheme, fonts. We will devote 3 hours for this work from 9:00 to 12:00. After that, we will allow ourselves an hour of rest.

In the afternoon:

  • from 13:00 to 14:00 we analyze similar works of other designers;
  • from 15:00 to 16:00 we evaluate which techniques in the context of the task look good, and which are better not to use;
  • from 16:00 to 17:00 on the basis of the collected information we form several basic ideas;
  • from 17:00 to 18:00 we sum up the results of the day – we weed out the worst options in order to develop the remaining ones the next day.

Thus, each day is planned, and a certain time is allocated for each stage of the task. This strengthens self-discipline and increases productivity. Therefore, such a regime will accelerate the growth of your hourly rate.

3. Use “peaks of productivity”

Preferences in work are individual for each person. It is easier for one to work in the morning, the other – at lunchtime. Such performance culminations need to be used to the fullest.

Moreover, it is much easier for freelancers to adapt to their “peaks of productivity” than office workers – the banal freedom in managing personal time affects.

Surely you know in which part of the day you give 100%. It is best to start work shortly before this time – answer letters, view tasks, look into the project management system.

Once you get into a rhythm, take the most difficult tasks. On the rise of your biological cycle, it is much easier to quickly and efficiently cope with them. After completing complex tasks, have a good rest. At the same time, you will have time for simple tasks at the end of the day.

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The use of “peaks” of productivity will allow you to work more and better. It will also help free up an extra few hours to learn new skills. Increasing productivity and skill is the key to increasing earnings.

4. Find your balance of rest and work

No matter how strange it may sound, but a good rest is an important element of increasing the hourly rate. Thanks to him, you will gain strength and energy for new career achievements in a timely manner.

Creativity and the ability to quickly find suitable solutions are also a consequence of a good rest. Therefore, you should plan not only your working day, but also your vacation.

Find your balance of impressions – a few days are probably better spent on extreme trips, for example, in the mountains or rafting on rivers. The rest of the days are confidently given to the family, for which there is no time on weekdays. The main task of your rest is to make up for the impressions that are lacking in the work.

Learn to rest before going to bed. This will greatly increase productivity and give strength for a new day. Turn off your computer in the evenings and do not open your work email, and also observe sleep patterns.

Classic advice, but not the last in importance – go in for sports. This active type of rest will help to keep in good shape not only the muscles, but also to maintain brain activity. The classic morning jog before work stimulates the use of internal resources of the body, and charges with the necessary energy.

Planning a vacation, extreme impressions, rest before going to bed and the balance of wakefulness / sleep, sports – all these “little things” in the complex significantly increase the productivity of work. Try it, and soon admit to yourself – a cool rest has a positive effect on earnings.

5. Rate Yourself Higher

One of the radical techniques that allow you to raise the rate is its increase above the average market level. At first glance, such a step seems meaningless – the employer will spend more on your salary. However, an interesting psychological technique works here – a more expensive product seems to us to be of higher quality.

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Similarly, in the labor market, the employer takes into account how much the candidate evaluates himself. He translates these numbers into skills, experience and hours spent on advanced training.

Quite often, a business is willing to pay more to get a smart performer.
However, if you decide to rate yourself above the bulk of candidates, consider some nuances:

  • so that the employer “pecks” at a high price, justify its size – tell about the various options for solving his problem, work plan and your experience in similar projects;
  • high pay implies the best quality of execution – fulfill such orders only at the highest level in order to get positive feedback about your work.

6. Use time tracking

Time tracking is the cornerstone of an hourly rate hike. It will help:

  • reduce the time for procrastination;
  • plan the stages of work;
  • analyze and optimize time costs;
  • allocate time for training and honing skills.

The main advantage of personal time tracking is the instillation of self-discipline and planning. For example, the application for tracking working time Time Doctor gives notifications in case of long inactivity:

Tracker sorts the time spent by visited sites and tasks performed. For an analyst who is looking to improve their productivity, this is invaluable data.

Analyzing and combating procrastination will help create a plan for effective work. In turn, this will reduce time costs. You will be able to improve your skills and/or complete more tasks.

Therefore, time tracking is a rare tool that will help to radically change the approach to work, and increase the hourly rate of a freelancer.

Bottom Line
To get more, work on yourself. Strive to use advanced technologies, such as time trackers and online refresher courses. At the same time, don’t be afraid to experiment with your time, you didn’t just go freelance:

  • prioritize tasks.
  • use “peaks of productivity”;
  • take care of your health.

The optimal approach to work will help determine the size of the hourly rate, and set it above the market average. And most importantly – freelancing for pleasure!


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