How a specialist can assess his value in the Freelance market

If you are looking for a job, you need to know in advance how much your skills and abilities cost. At least in order not to lose and respond to a vacancy with a relevant salary. Or request a decent reward on your resume. Otherwise, during work, you will still come to the understanding that somewhere you have become cheaper. After reading our recommendations, you will be able to correctly assess your value in the labor market.

Know your worth

As a rule, applicants immediately indicate the level of the desired salary in the resume. And at the first interview, the recruiter will definitely ask what you are counting on. And then the question arises: what kind of remuneration to request in order to satisfy your material requests, and not to frighten the employer with too high requirements. At the same time, it is important to determine the optimal level, since too low a bar will lead the employer to think about your lack of professionalism and self-doubt, and too high – about inflated self-esteem and excessive ambition.

Let’s understand the parameters that affect the level of salary of a specialist.

Skills, knowledge, abilities

In other words, expertise. This is a set of certain skills and abilities that a specialist needs in a particular position. That is academic knowledge of the profession plus possession of the tools necessary for a particular job. For example, for a translator, it is knowledge of a foreign language, the ability to work in CAT-systems, for a marketer – the ability to understand analytics, work with advertising tools, for a programmer – knowledge of a certain language, a stack of specific technologies. And the longer and more complex this list is, the higher the value in the market.

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Many employers want to see in the resume, not just the number of years worked, but also the names of prestigious companies. Beginners need to understand that experience is not their strong suit. Therefore, focus on motivation and the ability to learn quickly. Pros, who have proven processes and successful cases in their arsenal, can raise the bar to the maximum level. The more achievements you have in previous jobs, measured in specific numbers and facts, the more rewards you can expect.

Soft skills

We have already talked about the difference between the hard and soft skills of specialists. So, soft skills are no less important than professional skills. The most popular soft skills that are needed for any position:

  • communication
  • adaptability
  • creativity
  • ability to work in a team,
  • emotional intelligence.

General situation on the Freelance market

As in any other market, demand here depends on supply. There are professions that are valued higher, this also affects the remuneration of the relevant specialists. If in the labor market there are many more offers from applicants for your specialty than vacancies, it is clear that you should not count on a high salary.

To understand how much specialists of your level receive, monitor specialized sites and resumes of applicants. Compare their skills, abilities, and work experience with yours. You can also study the statistics of salaries in the media. True, the figures here do not always correspond to reality, basically, the average values for the market are shown. In general, the level of salary can be influenced by living in a particular region, experience, position.

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How to Increase Your Value

Want to earn more? It’s real, but you’ll have to work a little harder. We will tell you how to increase your value and turn you into an expensive specialist.

  • Master a related profession. The more professional skills you have, the higher the value. When the market is crowded with specialists in certain professions, their remuneration will not be very high, since employers have someone to choose from. Having mastered a related specialty, pumping skills, you will be able to offer much more than other candidates. An illustrative example is when an employee takes over the functions of another specialist, combining two positions.
  • Learn new technologies. If you want to qualify for a high salary, master new tools for work. It can be numerous programs, additional programming languages, foreign languages. Often, knowledge of some highly specialized program is valued much more than work experience in general.
  • Get an education. This item is relevant if it is relevant to your field of activity. It is unlikely that an additional advantage of an accountant will be acting courses. At the same time, a diploma of graduation from a prestigious university or a second higher education, a certificate of completion of courses, trainings, seminars in the specialty can add additional points.
  • Experience. It is important not only how many years you have been working, but also where exactly you got the experience. If you mention a company with a big name in your resume, it will significantly increase your value in the labor market. Especially if the results of the work are a reason for pride. Even if at first you occupy a low position in such a company or perform simple tasks, this line in the resume will work for the future. Successful work on serious projects that have influenced the development and growth of the company will also be a valuable experience.
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Checking the resume – how to claim a large salary

How not to lose and indicate a decent reward in the resume? You will have to compare yourself with competitors. Find the resume of specialists in your profile who ask for a salary 20-30% higher. What skills and abilities do they focus on, how is their resume different from yours, what do they have in common? Analyze your weaknesses and see which way to go:

  • If your resume is at least 80% the same as others, feel free to put the desired amount in the line about the salary. Try this simple step.
  • Do you have the same knowledge, skills, abilities, but you forgot to write about it? Add the necessary items to the resume and raise the bar.
  • Are there skills, but they are not described as beautifully as those of competitors? Correct the information. Show yourself in a winning light: tell us about specific achievements and benefits that companies have brought, give facts.
  • If there are not enough professional skills – go through training, now it is not a problem at all. Need certain soft skills? A lot of trainings are aimed at pumping soft skills. The main motivation is that over time you will be able to claim a high salary.

We hope that our recommendations will help you navigate how to assess your value in the labor market. We remind you that on our service you can find vacancies suitable for your requests. We wish you comfortable and pleasant work!


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