How to choose a freelancer? Tips for hiring.

In previous materials, we told you how to find a freelancer on the service and work safely. The topic of today’s article is how to choose one artist if you published a project and received several bets.

What to look for when choosing a performer

To choose one freelancer, pay attention to the 3 main factors – response text, portfolio, reviews. Let’s tell you more about each of them.

Response text

Give preference to performers who create personalized responses specifically for your project. So they demonstrate their interest and understanding of the nuances of the task. At a minimum, this will be an indicator that the performer gets acquainted with each sentence in detail.

Special attention should be paid to responses with specific examples of work in similar projects. You will be able to better assess the practical skills of a freelancer and understand what result to expect.


Portfolio is an opportunity for the contractor to show the customer their real skills in practice. It is important that in addition to colorful works in the portfolio there are:

  • relevant examples from your niche
  • fresh work, since, perhaps, the performer coped with specific tasks for a long time and he needs to update his knowledge;
  • descriptions of each work, for example, goals, tools used, specific steps taken, result.
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Reviews can sometimes say a lot more about a performer than all the information available about them. Pay attention to the ratio of positive and negative responses. For example, if there is 1 negative for every 20 positives, then you may well consider this freelancer for cooperation. Consider the objectivity of negative reviews – the performer systematically does not cope with the tasks or a single situation has occurred.

In the reviews, pay attention to what is praised or, conversely, scolded by the performer, what advantages other customers have highlighted.

So, if a freelancer has a good response text, a portfolio with examples from your niche and positive reviews, this is already an occasion to consider him as a potential performer. If there is not enough information to make a decision, you can study the “About Me” section and get acquainted with the statistics of the freelancer’s profile.

Section “About Me”

Here such indicators as rating, specialization and the presence of a Plus profile are interesting.

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Rating — shows the overall activity of the performer on the service. When forming a rating, it is taken into account how often a freelancer visits a service filled with a portfolio, profile and many other factors. We do not disclose information about the algorithms for calculating this indicator, so that users do not have the opportunity to manipulate the data.

Specialization statistics. Another important criterion in the freelancer’s profile is specializations, according to which projects have been successfully completed through the Safe. They clearly show in what specialization the performer has experience in the service. In other words, the qualification of a freelancer in certain categories is confirmed practically.

Profile Plus is a paid option. Its presence suggests that freelancing for the performer is the main place of work and he is more responsible for performing tasks, as he values his reputation and rating.

Account Statistics

In the statistics you have access to the following data:

  • How many orders are in the work – helps to assess the workload of the performer and understand whether he will be able to cope with your amount of work in the time you need.
  • Number of arbitrages – shows the number of arbitrages lost by a freelancer and helps to understand how often disputable situations arise with the performer.
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All these indicators are not key, but only complementary. Take them into account, but it is better to focus on the text of the response, portfolio and reviews.

What to do if you are still in doubt and can not decide on one performer

If after studying the freelancer’s account you still have questions, you can write to him in private messages:

  • ask about experiences in your or a related niche.
  • clarify whether he is available for work;
  • you might want to consult with him about deadlines and budget.

At the discussion stage, it will become clear to you whether a particular freelancer is suitable for cooperation. If yes, then you can safely choose him as the executor of the project.

Note that if you discuss issues in private messages that relate directly to the execution of the task, then after the project is transferred to work, then after the project is transferred to work, transfer all agreements to the Workspace.

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