How to simplify the life of a freelancer and stay alive after completing projects

Freelancing is the ability to work from anywhere and be your own boss. But it is also self-organization, the ability to correctly distribute your time, responsibility. In order for your projects to always bring pleasure, and you do not fall from fatigue after each completed task, we have prepared a small checklist. It will help make life easier for a freelancer and provide a solid foundation for long-term success.

1. Evaluate your projects correctly

Obviously, the earning potential of a freelancer is unlimited. But many are often concerned about the issue of pricing. On the one hand, freelancers understand what skills and abilities they have, and on the other hand, they begin to doubt the correctness of the price for their services. My advice: do not underestimate the cost of the project, because each performer should know the value of his work.

Another important thing is the assessment of the time it will take to complete a particular project. In order to cope with this task, it is necessary to find out all the details from the customer. And do not forget to clarify that you are doing the work qualitatively.

2. Gather a team of like-minded people

Do you think about the fact that you can’t pull all the projects on your fragile shoulders? Do you want to gather a team of like-minded people with whom you will be on the same wavelength? No, no, we’re not suggesting you join the Avengers team (although there was also a group of extraordinary people in this squad who managed to become something bigger). We suggest that you try to assemble a team of experts who will conquer customers with the quality of their work.

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If you manage to build effective communication, you will definitely succeed. Always discuss project details, use time trackers, do not forget about additional tools for better project management and team building, discuss overall results.

3. Use trackers to track work results

We have already mentioned the importance of tools for tracking work. Use several for different tasks. Let’s get acquainted with the tools that will help make life easier for a freelancer.


Trello – this tool will help you work in a team and manage various projects. A mix of boards, cards and great color solutions will simplify the management of your tasks and projects, help to visualize them.


Asana – working on big ideas without too much fuss. On this project management platform, you can create tasks in several visual styles and add the necessary requirements, such as due dates, type, importance, tags, performers.


Toggl is a reliable and free (which is equally important) time tracker that will help you plan your work and fit into all deadlines.

4. Stop, moment, you are beautiful: do not forget about rest

How to simplify the life of a freelancer? Refuse to work. No, no, not for good. Sometimes there may be a feeling that you are not doing your own thing. Or it seems that you are so tired of such a rhythm of life that you no longer have enough strength for anything. Don’t worry, you always have a way out. Leave your laptop for a couple of days and breathe life. For example, try to go to another city and be inspired by its unusual atmosphere. In principle, no one forbids you to sit in a cafe there and finish a project.

5. Be inspired by something new

And what to do if it is not possible to prepare the next project from scratch? Does everything seem somehow wrong and bland? We can advise you to visit TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace. On its expanses you will find thousands of ready-made solutions for a variety of purposes. These are templates for websites, stock media, graphics, plugins and many other tools.

6. Learn every day

Who doesn’t want to be successful in freelancing? Even if you think you lack talent in any business, forget about it. The level of development of technology allows you to learn anything without leaving home.

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Freelancing is about continuous learning and perseverance. To move forward, you need to learn something new every day and maybe that’s the beauty of freelancing. Find information that will turn your perception upside down or even challenge you. Start learning a new programming language, take a course on time management (and why not?), develop useful habits to improve English, and in general, develop skills in a variety of areas of activity. Our life is an ongoing learning process. Don’t be afraid to become the best version of yourself, and your customer flow will definitely increase.

7. Arrange a workplace at home

Many decide to go freelance just because they have a chance to work from home. Therefore, it is important to equip a separate workplace. First of all, you should be comfortable. Organize an effective workplace, behind which work will become productive.

8. Never break deadlines

Breaking a deadline is exactly what can ruin your career. If customers indicate this in the review, then potential customers will make their impression in absentia and will not want to cooperate with you. Therefore, distribute the forces and plan time to have time to finish the project on time. Do not be distracted by extraneous things during the implementation of the project and do not forget to warn the client if suddenly something goes wrong.

9. Follow the latest news in the field of freelancing

Social networks have long given an answer to the question of how to simplify the life of a freelancer. Just follow those who share the latest news in the field of freelancing. Subscribe to the most popular and interesting blogs, YouTube channels or communities on Facebook. Try not to perceive your colleagues as competitors. These are the people who can teach you more and share valuable experiences.

10. Complete your profile to attract potential customers

We advise you to allocate time and fill out the profile on the service as much as possible. Specify your real name, add a real and high-quality photo, describe in detail the current skills. Tell us about your skills, achievements, add examples of previous works to your portfolio. Choose the best, not all of them. Earn a rating, get as much positive feedback as possible from customers. By filling in all of these items, you increase the likelihood that customers will choose you, and not another freelancer with a less completed profile.

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11. Immerse yourself in writing

Have you already reached the point where there is not a single unread freelancing book left for you? What about writing your own? We are absolutely sure that many readers have something to tell about. Share your success story, tell about all the pitfalls of freelancing, inspire other freelancers with your example.

12. Delo vremya time — fun for an hour (well, almost)

One of the last rules, which, for the most part, is known to everyone. First, never put everything off for later. And second, start working on the most important and challenging tasks at the beginning of the week or day. In other words, take on complex projects after a vacation, at a time when you are full of energy and ready to conquer new heights.

13. Never rest on your laurels

And finally, I want to ask every freelancer reading this article. Never be afraid to raise the bar. If you feel that you are ready to take on something bigger, always try and believe in yourself.

In Conclusion

Many people think that freelancing is something you do when you can’t get a “real” job. But freelancers know perfectly well that everything is more complicated than it seems at first glance. They are their own business owners, bosses, and financial managers. Becoming a freelancer is a quick and affordable way to make money from home.

I hope I was able to answer the question of how to simplify the life of a freelancer. We wish you inspiration and as many satisfied customers as possible, whose work you will remember with a smile.

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Thank you!


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