I am looking for a programmer! How do I find it?

In the world of computers and the Internet, the language of communication is considered to be one and zero. If you want programs to understand your language and execute your commands – find a programmer! In this article, we will tell you what you can talk about with computers and what specialists are able to find a common language with them.

You probably know that there are more than a dozen programming languages. Different programming languages were created for convenience and ease of writing program code, which ultimately affects the simplification of making edits, additions to the code, the speed of the program and many other factors that programmers face when developing programs.

But did you know that the same, identical task can sometimes be described to a computer using different languages? So that we do not have confusion, let’s conditionally divide the languages that computers understand into areas of application.

For example:

  • programs for working on the internet (web),
  • programs for working on a computer (desktop),
  • code for mobile devices (mobile).

And now let’s talk more about the programmers themselves and what they can do.

Question No1. What do you need to program?

If you need a simple self-written site, you can turn to the programmers of the HTML language – they can make up not only a letter for distribution, but also an HTML site. At the same time, despite the fact that today the installation of various CMS is popular, many order sites from PHP programmers. Also, for example, phyton, Ruby, Go and Swift programmers can offer writing highly specialized programs.

And, for example, programs on Phyton can work both on the Internet and on the computer’s operating system.

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If we talk about programs for operating systems, it is probably impossible to come up with anything better than the “family” of C, C +, C ++ and C#. Despite the “antiquity” of the methods – they are relevant today due to the wide possibilities in application.

However, if you have started a high-tech project that will require a lot of resources from the device and complex logic , it is better to contact Java programmers. Today it is the most popular language for game development, and Javascript competes with it. Yes yes! These are two separate languages, and they can be used to perform different tasks.

We remind you that one task can be solved using different languages. Also, for example, using Java, you can write both a game and a driver for a coffee machine. Looking ahead, we note that competent developers know several programming languages and can use different technology stacks when executing a project.

Therefore, the first thing you need to understand is not to be tied to a specific programming language. Sometimes you may need two or even three to implement a project. It is better to determine more precisely the task and technical task – what you want to get in the end. A competent programmer will offer you a solution!

Question No2. How to order the development of a social network and connect payments to 1C?

Do not be surprised, but the social network will most likely be written to you by PHP programmers. Of course, there are many solutions with which you can launch the “second Facebook” yourself, but will it have similar functionality to the original? To do this, you will also need a Javascript programmer, but if you want to integrate Bitrix24, for example, with 1C – you need a 1C programmer and a Bitrix24 developer. Do you need a code for your old hardware? Then Delphi or Pascal programmers are better suited for this purpose.

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Among the whole variety of programming languages, a separate category can be identified as developers for mobile devices – Android and iOS. Please note that the mobile version of the site is not a mobile application, so if you are planning a mobile version for your site, clarify this requirement to the developer immediately. Today, there are many universal solutions with which you can make a mobile version of the site without resorting to the help of mobile application specialists.

To make things even clearer, we’ll put it simply: there are programmers who do web programming, and there are programmers who deal with embedded systems and microcontrollers. Specialists in game development, machine learning can use programming languages and frameworks that are not listed in this article, while they may have different knowledge and cover additional specializations, for example, testing and QA.

Question No3. How do I find a programmer for my task?

The answer is actually very simple – publish the project on freelance markets and describe the task you need to solve. For example, despite the fact that the Unity platform is not considered a programming language and the development process on it can hardly be called programming – in some projects such a solution may make sense, because the very process of explaining to the computer “what we need from you” can be simplified at times.

Note. Almost every programming language can have wide application. In Java, you can write websites, mobile applications, desktop programs, and programs for coffee makers. As, indeed, on Phyton. The fact is that in modern projects several programming languages are often used simultaneously. Also note that in C++ with a great desire, you can write a self-written site, but the code will be huge – so for these purposes it is easier to use a ready-made CMS or PHP / HTML.

There is no universal advice on how to choose a programmer. But you can take advantage of these tips:

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– Pay attention to the rating and reviews in the profile.
Study the candidate’s work experience.
— Look at the portfolio of a specialist.
Ask to describe how the programmer intends to carry out your project.
– Learn the technology stack, programming languages with which the programmer is going to perform your task (the more the programmer knows, the better).
– It does not matter whether a programmer is young or old – it matters how much knowledge he has.

Remember that competent specialists do not work without a technical task. If you do not have a detailed TK – an intelligent programmer will offer you to compile it, because without the presence of a TK, it is almost impossible to implement a more or less complex project successfully.


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