Instagram Trends in 2022

Instagram is no longer just an album with photos for friends, but a powerful commercial platform for promoting your product, service or personal brand development. Standing out among competitors every year is becoming more difficult. There is a way out – always be aware of innovations and introduce them among the first. Find out about all the Instagram trends before you are ahead of the competition.

Why It’s Important to Follow Trends

Digital market research company Datareportal has published statistics on the development of social networks over the past year. The market grew by 7.6%, now 4.72 billion people use social networks, and 26.5% go to social networks only to make purchases.

What does that mean? Competition is growing, you need to stand out and be aware of all the newfangled trends and novelties. It is problematic to develop simultaneously in all social networks, it is easier to choose one thing. The Instagram application is increasingly in demand and is among the five most popular in the Apple App Store.

Fashionable colors-2022 according to the Pantone Color Institute

Let’s be honest, you came to Instagram for money, right? You can monetize a blog in different ways: advertising, selling goods, services, information products. Visual is an important component, because your tape is a kind of showcase that should catch the user’s attention from the first seconds. Use fashionable chips and colors.

In the fall, the Pantone Color Institute published the top 10 colors + basic shades for them for 2022:

  • Adobe;
  • Mykonos Blue;
  • Leprechaun;
  • Fire Whirl;
  • Fuchsia Fedora;
  • Pale Rosette;
  • Rhodonite;
  • Spring Lake;
  • Illuminating;
  • Root Beer.

All colors are juicy, bright, flashy, a light base will help to dilute them. Pantone offers four shades:

  • Ultimate gray — calm gray;
  • Coconut Cream – white with peach undertone;
  • Soybean — soy, light beige color;
  • Olive Branch is a muted olive.
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The right combination of basic shades and flashy accents will make your tape harmonious, interesting and memorable.

Top 4 Trends for Your Feed

The flowers have been dealt with, but this is not enough. Photo content should also be perfect. Leave selfies and the same angles for friends, other “chips” are used in the commercial account. Which photos will collect more likes?

  1. Authenticity and carelessness. Presets, glamour and deep retouching are no longer in vogue. Show yourself without makeup, open up to subscribers, they will trust you more in return. And it is always more pleasant to buy from close people.
  2. Dynamics. Photos in motion are gaining momentum. Show your product in an interesting perspective. Clothes, bags, accessories, sports equipment are easy to demonstrate in this way. Take a picture of the model in a spread or while walking. Also, users will like the laid-back production staff. It’s interesting to watch something new come into being born. Think about other dynamic photos. Two shots out of nine will suffice. Another trend is blurred photos. You can blur an image in a couple of seconds in Picsart.
  3. User-Generated Content (UGC). Content that your users create. Publish posts with customer stories, tell what benefit they received from the use of the product or service. This new kind of reviews is aimed at trust, everyone is tired of comments to order. Show a customer in clothes from your store or offer a discount for a video review.
  4. Emphasis on color. A bright detail on a black and white background looks stylish and attracts attention.

Consider the tape of the famous brand Nike, the page is subscribed to 183 million users. By the way, he is in the top 3 of the most promoted TM after Instagram itself and National Geographic. The main tones are dark, but there are also bright accents, dilute the picture frames in dynamics.

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The ribbon of the SOVA jewelry house looks elegant. Unsurprisingly, 340,000 users have subscribed to the page. The overall tone is muted, but with bright accents. Subject shooting, close-up, full-length shot harmoniously replace each other.

Video Format and Reels: What to Shoot

Turn your blog into a mini-series. Photos alone will not surprise anyone, users want to have fun, show them the video. Shoot a few stories for stories that are related in meaning. Just forget about the “talking head”, everyone is already tired of it. Buy a tripod to shoot yourself in full growth.

Aesthetic videos are regularly published in its blog by the well-known Kiev developer KAN Development. On the page of the residential complex “Comfort Town” you will see beautiful footage of the sunset over new buildings, a bird’s eye view and virtual walks among the buildings.

The 2021 chip that is gaining momentum is Reels. Apparently, Instagram decided to compete with TikTok. These are dynamic, short and relaxing rollers. What to show?

  1. At the peak of popularity are tutorials. These are short training videos. Show how you edit in InShot, cook a delicious dish or create a website on Taplink.
  2. People want to relax, even expert blogs use humor. Shoot your cat, come up with a funny plot from life, laugh at a difficult situation. Such content often goes viral, passively promoting your blog.
  3. The quick process of creating a product is another “sticky” feature. A perfume manufacturer can shoot a perfume spill, a restaurant can make a cut of cooking shots, and an online store can pack goods.
  4. Add aesthetics. A lot of beautiful dynamic shots to the music will definitely interest subscribers.

Live broadcasts are gaining momentum

Ethers became popular in 2020 during quarantine. And so they took root. Now the whole Instagram is full of marathons, even stores hold broadcasts. An example is the popular online store Makeup, which invites cosmetologists and make-up artists and conducts master classes for its subscribers.

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To reveal a complex topic in a post of 2200 characters is problematic. Don’t be afraid to go on the air. This is a cool opportunity to communicate live with the audience, warm it up, inspire confidence in your product.

Personal content in commercial accounts

Previously, it was enough to post a photo of the product with a description, now it is not. Owners of commercial sites, online stores “unpack”, show the business from the inside, their attitude to it, share problems. If earlier they talked only about success, now burnout, procrastination, posts about how to deal with it are in vogue.

If you are an expert, then tell us how you came to the business, what inspires you, motivates you, what difficulties you faced. Get closer to your followers. Brands can dilute content with stories of their customers, entertainment videos. Interestingly leads its page online supermarket Rozetka. You will find not only photos of the product, but also videos of recipes, pets, video reviews, unboxings and other original content.

A new feature – collaborations

One of the latest innovations of Instagram is joint posts. Experts from adjacent niches publish one post for two. Do not miss the opportunity to exchange an audience. The author creates a post and selects the “Add co-author” option. As a result, the content appears on two accounts. You get joint likes, comments, growing coverage.

Follow the trends, get ahead of your competitors, because fashion is very dynamic. Learn to surprise your audience, make them fall in love with your blog. Do not forget about your individuality, do not be afraid to stand out and bring something of your own. You will succeed!


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