Top 10 Apps to Improve Personal Effectiveness

How long have you had to release a smartphone or other gadget from your hands for a whole day, or even for several days? The answer is quite obvious: the phone is an integral part of the life of a modern person, and therefore even its temporary absence can make itself felt. Here you have instant messengers for quick communication, online banking, entertaining games, as well as much more. But can you use your smartphone to increase productivity and efficiency? Yes, yes, and yes again! Get ready to Google and make room on your phone, because now you will learn about the 10 best applications that will change your life 180 degrees!

Applications for successful time management

  1. Rescuetime

The utility will allow you to track the amount of time spent in a particular application. The program also reads the frequency of site visits, browser openings and even the duration of music playback. In the Rescuetime settings, you can mark which actions are considered productive, and which, on the contrary, should be perceived as a waste of time. The application weekly compiles and sends users a report on their actions when using the gadget, and is also able to block the program after the expiration of the user’s specified time of spending.

Cost: Rescuetime can be installed for free both on a smartphone based on Android or iOS, and on a personal computer running on macOS or Windows. There is also a paid subscription worth $ 6, which will allow you to receive notifications in real time, track data offline and much more.

2. Todoist

Tired of keeping everything in mind? Constantly forget about important meetings or small daily chores? We present to your attention Todoist – an application for drawing up a clear schedule and planning your day. Here you can make a to-do list, sort them by the importance of each task, set a reminder at the time you need, and organize a workflow or family discussion, connecting the interlocutors you need to the space. Track your productivity on an interactive graph, set goals and don’t forget to still water the flowers in the living room – and go ahead to a new, organized life!

Cost: The app is free, but like most other programs, it provides a paid subscription costing between $3 and $6 per month. The PRO version of the utility supports up to 300 active projects, selection and installation of various themes, backup and many other options.

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Note-taking software

  1. OneNote

The leader in the field of creating notes is considered to be OneNote – a product from Microsoft, available both in web and mobile versions. The app allows you to record unlimited amounts of data, add images, draw, make lists, add voice messages, and more. Entries can be grouped into separate workbooks, which in turn are sorted by importance and frequency of use. The main advantages of the software:

  • Possibility to create text anywhere on the worksheet.
  • Combine handwritten text with a printed version.
  • Extract text from images and translate it.
  • Solution of mathematical equations.
  • Convenient menu in the form of a ribbon.

Cost: OneNote is free software that is directly related to the Office 365 series of programs. The version for smartphones does not provide paid functionality, but the application for the PC offers users to issue an annual subscription to Office 365 for access to all the functions and capabilities of the software costing from 1270 UAH to 2400 UAH per year.

2. Google Keep

Those who do not have feelings for sophisticated and multifunctional applications, we advise you to take a closer look at Keep – an application from Google. High-speed operation, a simple and intuitive interface, bright notes in the form of stickers, voice input and recognition of text from images – what else does the average user need? Note that the application has a limit of 20 thousand characters for each note, which means that it will not be possible to write a poem or a whole book in one file here.

Cost: The application is completely free, subscription and paid functionality are not provided.

Personal Finance Accounting Applications

  1. Monefy

The first rule of financial literacy is to plan your budget and control all income and expenses. The Monefy application will allow you not only to track the movement of your funds, but also to maintain a common family budget, connecting several participants to one common space. The utility also has a convenient function of dividing all expenses into categories, which allows you to find out the main source of all expenses for a certain time.

Cost: The mobile application is designed for Android and iOS systems, has a free and paid version worth $ 3.

2. CoinKeeper

CoinKeeper mobile software has similar functionality as the application described above. Nevertheless, the utility has a useful feature – the recognition of messages and notifications from mobile banking. The application automatically enters all the data into the accounting when an SMS is received about the write-off of funds or replenishment of the account, which greatly facilitates the calculation of the budget. Here you can also set a monthly spending limit in certain categories and view graphs with the ratio of spending from different groups. Just look at the widget with dragging a coin from the wallet to the category of expenses!

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Cost: Downloading the application is free, but for the extended version with full functionality you will have to pay $ 4 for one month, $ 16 for the year or $ 26 to activate a lifetime paid subscription.

For the development of logic and memory training

  1. Lumosity

The application became famous on the network thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, devoid of tons of unnecessary text and complex design elements. All tasks and tests for training attention, memory and logic are presented in the form of graphic images, where you need to remember the order of opening cards, quickly add or subtract numbers, and so on. Only the English version is available to users, but the developers have created step-by-step instructions for each test in the form of images, which simplifies the understanding of the tasks.

Cost: The utility is free, but most important features, such as individual selection of the necessary exercises and the ability to train an unlimited number of times a day, are available only when you connect a paid subscription for $ 60 per year. Of the nice bonuses – in Lumosity there is no advertising even in its free version.

2. Cut the Rope

Yes, those same fun games from childhood with a green monster, which always requires a lollipop hanging over it, are actually puzzles and simulators of logical thinking! The bestseller in the world of video games has released several parts of the application in which you need to cut the rope so that the lollipop hanging on it falls directly into the mouth of a cute green creature. The utility helps to master and apply the basic laws of physics, improve the speed of reaction and train logical thinking. Users of mobile devices on Android and iOS platforms will be able to play and practice at the same time.

Cost: You can download the application for free, but for access to all games and the absence of advertising, owners of Android smartphones will need to pay $ 1, and users of phones based on iOS – all $ 2.5.

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Health monitoring app

  1. Waterbalance

Water, as many doctors and specialists say, is an important part of a person’s daily diet. Most people drink tea or coffee, believing that these drinks will help maintain water balance in the body. But in fact, water can not be replaced by anything. The Waterbalance application will help you track the amount of water you drink per day, calculate the rate of fluid consumed per day and remind you of the need to comply with the water regime.

Cost: The software is available for smartphones based on Android and iOS, it is completely free.

2. Medisafe

This software is designed to monitor the timely intake of medications. Many doctors and pharmacists in Western countries recommend the application, which is why it quickly gained popularity on the network. Here you can specify the name, number and frequency of tablets or drugs taken, and the utility will remind you of the need to take medications. A distinctive feature of the software is the ability to synchronize with applications for health monitoring, which allows you to track the relationship of taking pills with general well-being and the state of the body. In addition, with the help of Medisafe, you can keep lists of drugs used or liked, as well as distribute them into groups of action (from abdominal pain, nausea, and so on).

Cost: You can download the program in Russian language for free from devices based on Android or iOS. A paid version is available, which provides the ability to change the theme of the program, add an unlimited number of family members or other users, and much more.


The smartphone is an integral part of the life of a modern person. Someone uses the gadget for entertainment and communication, someone – for work and mobility, and someone – to organize life and increase their efficiency. Today you learned about 10 apps to improve productivity and control time spent, record ideas and plans for the day, keep a budget and calculate expenses and income, develop logic and train memory, as well as track health status. Install a few of these programs and you will notice how your life will become richer, more productive and more organized!


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