Top 5 laptops for web design in 2022 in terms of price-quality ratio

Choosing a laptop for work arises both for beginners who want to master the profession of a web designer and for experienced masters who wish to update their equipment to a more modern and mobile one. At one time, I postponed learning web design for a whole year and a half. Just because I thought my old laptop wasn’t powerful enough for the job. But as it turned out now, because of my inexperience, I was very wrong. I hope this article will help those who also do not know whether it is necessary to buy a new laptop to work as a web designer and what it should be.

Programs that are used in the work

In order to understand what technical characteristics are needed for a comfortable and convenient work of a web designer, you need to know the main tools that are used most often.

Figma and Adobe XD

Two top tools for any web designer. Everyone in the process creates a design in one of these applications. The most important thing to say is that they are undemanding. Even the minimum characteristics of the laptop will be enough to work in one of these programs, and the characteristics of a slightly above average will allow you to comfortably manage a project with a large number of pages and elements. For a more detailed demonstration of the undemanding nature of these programs, it can be noted that Figma has the ability to work even in a browser window without downloading the application. Some designers also use Sketch to create designs, but I did not specifically mention this application, since it is created exclusively for macOS and is not available for those who prefer to work on other operating systems.

Adobe Product Suite

If we talk about web design, then you need to highlight Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects. These applications are much more demanding, and for comfortable work, they need tools with a fairly powerful processor. But a web designer does not need all the functionality of these applications. Photoshop will be needed to work with photos, which are often used on websites. In Illustrator, a web designer works with vector graphics, moreover, there is such an opportunity in Figma. After Effects is used to create simple animations and work with video for websites. So the web designer does not need all the functionality of these programs, which means that it is not necessary to have the most sophisticated and expensive laptop.

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In the process of work, there may be a need for other applications, but all of them will be approximately similar in demand to the above-mentioned programs. So we can conclude that a web designer does not need a very powerful computer for normal operation.

What you should pay attention to when choosing a laptop


The screen is the most important and the very first thing to look at when buying a device. The designer will absolutely not care how powerful the laptop is, if it can not accurately convey colors. Therefore, it is best to choose devices with ips-matrix, as well as pay attention to color reproduction. 90-100% sRGB means that the device will be good for proper color reproduction, and a high Adobe RGB value (at least above 75%) means that the color reproduction is close to the real one.


The main burden when working with applications for web design falls on the CPU, so do not ignore this parameter. I would strongly recommend not to buy Intel processors below the 8th generation, their power may not be enough for normal operation. Also, do not consider processors of a class below Intel Core i3.


Almost always, when working on a design, several applications are launched at once that are demanding on RAM. Understanding the types of memory can be quite difficult, so all you need to remember is to choose devices with memory from 12 GB. Yes, you can easily work with 8 GB of memory, but in 2021 this is no longer enough for comfortable work. If you are limited in budget, you can save on this parameter and take a device with 8 GB of RAM, but in no case lower.

Data Storage

It is very important that the drive works quickly, otherwise, the work can take a very long time. I strongly recommend paying attention to drives such as SSD, which will greatly speed up the process of operation of the device. HDD hard drives can make the process much slower and not very comfortable.

Devices I Recommend to Buy

5. Acer Aspire 5 A514-54-38SY

The advantage of this laptop is the price because it is one of the cheapest laptops that is suitable for the normal work of a web designer. Perfect for buyers on a budget. And let the characteristics of the device not allow you to work with large projects comfortably, but they will be enough to work and learn normally. If you are on a tight budget but really want to work as a web designer, this will be a great solution.


  • low price relative to other models;
  • the latest 11th generation processor;
  • low weight for comfortable transportation (1.45 kg);
  • backlit keyboard and fingerprint scanner.


  • the most minimal characteristics (Intel Core i3, 8 GB of RAM), which will cause slowdown when working with large projects;
  • small storage capacity (256 GB);
  • no OS out of the box (you will have to install Windows yourself).
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4. RedmiBook 16

The device, which came out in 2020, is perfect for web design. It has a large display of 16 inches with very good color reproduction, a stylish appearance, and most importantly – a large variation of characteristics. Depending on the selected processor, the amount of memory and the amount of RAM. But I still strongly recommend taking this laptop in the average variation with Intel Core i5 and 16 GB of RAM, which will make the work as comfortable as possible.


  • excellent display at 16 inches with a good matrix and color reproduction;
  • installed Windows 10 out of the box;
  • discrete graphics card, which increases power;
  • fast charging;
  • the ability to choose the characteristics for your budget.


  • heavy enough to be considered an ultrabook (1.9 kg);
  • lack of webcam and backlit keyboard.

3. Asus VivoBook S S533EA-BN277

The entire line of VivoBook from Asus is a very good solution for web design, because the models have an excellent price-quality ratio, and from a huge number of variations you can choose what exactly fits the budget. But today I would like to highlight the model S533EA. This laptop has all the necessary characteristics for quite comfortable work. A good 15-inch screen with the correct IPS-matrix, a productive processor of the 11th generation, and modern RAM. I am sure that most web designers will have enough such a device for convenient work.


  • good screen;
  • modern and powerful features;
  • good battery capacity;
  • fingerprint scanner, backlit keyboard;
  • Asus branded technologies (Harman/Kardon sound, body lift when opened)


  • the price is higher than that of competitors with identical characteristics;
  • lack of OS out of the box (Windows will have to be installed independently, which is too expensive for this price).

2. Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 14 (2021)

The new Pro laptops from Xiaomi, which the company released in 2021, turned out to be really beautiful. This device can be called one of the most successful on Windows. Almost a reference screen is ideal for a web designer, top characteristics will make the work as comfortable as possible and will not cause inconvenience. It is worth noting that the company introduced 2 devices – 14 and 15 inches, the older model OLED screen (yes, like modern flagship smartphones), which should convey color saturation perfectly. The price of the devices is high enough to put them in this top, but I managed to find on sale a 14-inch version of the laptop with an integrated graphics card and a 512 GB SSD which, as for me, will be a great price for a laptop with such characteristics. In this case, it is almost an ideal device for a professional web designer.

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  • one of the best screens among laptops with Pre-installed Windows and a resolution of 2.5K with a diagonal of 14 inches;
  • excellent characteristics for comfortable work (Intel Core i5 11th generation, 16 GB of RAM, fast SSD);
  • very capacious battery for long-term operation without recharging;
  • fast charging.


  • only 3 usb type c connectors;
  • high price for models with discrete graphics.

1. Apple MacBook Air M1

I think it is obvious that in the first place in this top is the most popular laptop of 2020 and 2021. Only a lazy person has not yet told that Apple has made a real revolution, switching to its own M1 processors. There is no point in describing the characteristics of this laptop, because they are not very important when it comes to Apple’s own device, which was created for their macOS system. 8GB of RAM here will work better than 16GB on other Windows devices. The Reference Retina display is the perfect design solution. But most importantly, the price. I managed to find this laptop with a memory capacity of 256 GB, which is incredibly cheap for a device from Apple. If you have the right budget, you can take this laptop with the characteristics described above, or consider the Pro version on the M1 processor. In any case, it will be a great solution for the job.


  • its own operating system, perfect for work;
  • excellent performance and responsiveness;
  • the best screen among laptops for design;
  • a battery that is able to withstand a whole day of moderate load without recharging.


  • the price, which increases significantly when choosing the best amount of memory;
  • only 2 thunderbolt connectors;
  • the screen is only 13 inches, which someone will think is insufficient;
  • small amount of memory in the initial configuration.


From the material, we can conclude that the market for laptops suitable for web design is really wide, and any designer can choose a device based on his budget and the necessary characteristics. Each manufacturer offers something different, and the number of devices included in this list can be much more.

I only listed the models that, in my opinion, can be the most successful in terms of price-quality ratio, based on different budgets and different needs. But the main rule to remember is that your device is just a tool. A true professional can make the perfect design on the cheapest laptop, and a person with insufficient knowledge will not be able to create anything on the best and most expensive device. You need to learn to work on the laptop that is here and now. And if you improve and become a real professional, then the best device for comfortable work will quickly appear.


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