Vacation and freelancing: combine not to be missed

When you switch to freelancing, you almost immediately forget about such a thing as a vacation. It is the lot of office workers exclusively. But free artists practically do not have to rest. Why?

Because you can’t leave projects.

Because no one will pay for working downtime.

Because messengers constantly receive messages from customers.

Because… Here you can add your own excuse, according to which you have been doing without a real vacation for many years. Not the one during which your phone is turned on and the laptop is in standby mode. And the one where you completely forget about your profession and languidly sip a cocktail on the shore of the blue sea.

Admit it honestly, when did you have such a vacation?

Relax or…

For the first few years, such ignoring may not affect you and your life. Moreover, for sure, you even manage to make a decent fortune in the summer, performing a huge number of projects while others relax. However, this state of affairs will not last forever.

In the end, working without brakes will affect your health, productivity, and work-life in general. Emotional and professional burnout will be the first to make itself felt. Psychologists are not in vain sounding the alarm about this. Your psyche will definitely give up in the third or fourth year of such activity, which will manifest itself in a loss of motivation and regular fatigue.

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Following mental health, physical health will back down. Chronic diseases will be activated, professional ones will appear – and altogether this will result in a series of ailments that interfere with normal life.

And what a successful freelance!

If you do not want to spend the whole summer on pills, then you need to learn how to take breaks. They will help not just to relax, but to clear your thoughts in order to return with a fresh head-to-work task.

And how to rest without prejudice to work, read on.

An Accountant Game

Yes, try playing office worker. Or rather, an accountant in production. Just take it and count how much you want to earn per year. Then deduct the days that you need for a full vacation, as well as holidays and at least one sick leave. As a result, you will have a certain number of days that you will devote to work.

By simple arithmetic operation, you can calculate your daily rate, on the basis of which you will calculate your tariff for services. It may turn out that all this time you underestimated your price.

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This approach will allow you to more rationally use working time and control your cash flow. And although we freelancers do not like to keep counts, otherwise it will not be possible to find time for a vacation without significant financial losses.

Speed up or trust

The second important point that prevents you from fully surrendering to rest is the fear of losing customers. It’s good if you have a couple of long-term projects that you work on day by day. In this case, you just have to do the work ahead of time so that no one notices your absence.

Another thing is if your activities are dominated by one-time projects. Here you will need a safety net in case of an urgent task. There are several ways out – to trust colleagues or hire a temporary assistant yourself. In both cases, it is important to find a person on whom you can fully rely. It’s complicated. Therefore, it is better to think about this in advance.

In extreme cases, put an answering machine on the post office about your absence, and enjoy your vacation without worries. Financial downtime you will always be able to catch up in the coming months. But do not forget about regular customers.

Happy customers and you

For all the people with whom you have cooperated, you should definitely prepare a letter about the upcoming vacation. And it is necessary to send it as soon as you know the dates of rest. Another message should be written a few days before departure to remind everyone of your temporary absence.

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As a rule, all customers are fully aware of this state of affairs. And if someone gets upset and tries to force work on you on the days of relaxation, think about it. And reconsider your cooperation with this person. Or agree to take a job on vacation, but at a triple rate. The question of urgency in 90% of cases disappears by itself.

Although I still do not advise you to take a working machine on vacation. My first and last such attempt ended with a damp keyboard and an almost completely “incapacitated” laptop. Perhaps it was a very eloquent sign!

Last but important tip

When setting the dates of your vacation, be sure to add one or two days to adapt. And then, returning home and turning on the computer, you risk getting a slight shock from the number of unread emails.

Therefore, calmly unpack and put your things in order. Watch a good movie. Go to bed early. And in the morning with new strength, return to your favorite freelancing.

Have you already planned a real vacation?


Written by Shubham

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