What other fields can a Copywriter work in?

Copywriters, e-mails, marketers – what do they all have in common? Specialists in each of these areas can develop in the direction of each other. It’s clear that a creative director can spit and go to work as a barista – and for him it will be a development, but we will talk about where you can go if you are a copywriter (spoiler – there are many options).

Who is a copywriter?

So that we are on the same wavelength, we will determine who a copywriter is in the classical (in my humble opinion) understanding.

A copywriter is a specialist in working with text. Eyeliners for posts, articles, essays, filling out landing pages and even descriptions of product cards (it hurts a little here). These are the basic tasks of a copywriter. If you are already a master in all this and want to develop further, we will analyze the professions in the direction of which you can move.

Creative Copywriter

We know the word “copywriter”, but what does creative mean here? There is a huge difference between these two professions, although the difference is only in the adjective name.

A creative copywriter (CC) is a more creative specialty that involves working differently with text as with ideas. Here you have scripts, and brand manifestos, and namings, and slogans. There’s definitely a place to roam.

Have you seen a cool commercial on TV? Most likely, it was invented by a creative copywriter, and not a marketer, as many may think. Have you noticed the new billboards around the city? This is also developed by the CC. Yes, the designer embodied the idea, but he did not invent it.

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If you want to be creative, the best “school of life” is an advertising agency. Even an experienced copywriter can go to a junior position and in practice understand a new direction, while simultaneously developing cases in his portfolio. Specialists with experience in the agency are willingly hired by food companies, because creatives in agencies get tremendous experience working with large (and not so) brands.


If you like to work with a short form of text and are interested in social networks , you can in SMM. Of course, it will be necessary to understand the specifics of each network, but the range of tasks will expand significantly.

Esmemashchik doesn’t just write eyeliners to posts. He develops a promotion strategy, comes up with ideas for posts, their design, communicates with subscribers, analyzes indicators. And ideally, he learns to work with an advertising cabinet and becomes a generalist who can engage in marketing in social networks comprehensively.

SEO Copywriter

If a creative is for those who want something more creative, then SEO copywriting is for those who are closer to the technical direction. These professionals should have a basic knowledge of SEO. They understand that in order for an article to go well in search engines, it is not enough to scatter a dozen keywords on the text.

SEO is an extensive and complex concept. You will need to get acquainted and make friends with LSI-keys, learn how to write readable texts, which is not so easy, given that you need to write not as you like, but in structure and with the occurrences of keywords.

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UX writer

Do you like web design? Do you get high when the buttons are signed not dryly, but clearly or even with humor? Do you want to participate in the process of creating sites/applications that users love? So you’re in UX writers. Read “This button needs text” by Kirill Egerev, subscribe to a dozen thematic Telegram channels, find on Youtube all the materials on the topic that you can, and learn. When you dive into the topic, you will understand that this is not just about buttons and windows on the site, it is much deeper.

Digital Marketer

Copywriting is one of the marketing tools. If you want to go beyond one direction and understand advertising comprehensively, you need to go to marketers. You already know how to promote products with the help of text, and then you can go to the junior position of a digital marketing specialist. The main thing is to get to the sensible marketing director or head of the department. To teach and tell you exactly why. Maybe even several places of work will have to be changed, but the main result.

Well, do not forget about self-education. Marketing is a very broad concept, so you will need to read and learn a lot. But the tasks are more diverse, so you will not get bored for a very long time, and maybe even like it.

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Your own business

As for me, this is the most daring option for development. If you like copywriting, gather like-minded people and open your own (albeit small) agency for a start. This development option involves the most responsibility and risks, but the result is much cooler.

Good lyrics make good money. And there will always be a demand for them, no matter how pompous it may sound. If you look at the market, then small narrowly focused companies appear almost every day, but this does not mean that the niche is already occupied. A lot of things open up, but the strongest survive. 😅 In our case, the highest quality survives.


There are many options for development for a copywriter. The ability to work with the text will be useful in any field, even if you decide to radically change your occupation. The main thing is not to be afraid. Your experiments are your experience, and the more diverse it is, the better.

For 6 years in this market I have been a copywriter, and SEO-copywriter, and SEO, and a creative, and an e-mail, and a marketer, and wrote literary texts (and now I sometimes write), and commercials came up with, and even restaurant menus. And I don’t regret any of these areas, because now I am a universal soldier and can close many processes.

The directions that I have described are mostly about horizontal growth, but you can also develop vertically: from jun to senior, and then to head and director. Do not stand still and develop, and you will be happy😉


Written by Shubham

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