Why it is profitable for businesses to work with freelancers

Freelancing is confidently gaining popularity, covering all areas of activity, and the number of professionals working for themselves is growing exponentially. But it’s not just due to covid restrictions and offline issues. The main reason for choosing a “free profession” is the ability to independently manage time and workload, correctly distribute tasks, choose suitable (and most importantly, highly paid) projects and realize yourself.

Freelancers perform services at the request of the client, having agreed in advance on the volume and payment (fixed in the contract), seriously approach the technical task and the final result is aimed at high quality. Not surprisingly, business owners prefer to hire a remote specialist rather than hire a new one. This approach also allows you to effectively perform narrow-profile or seasonal work, saving on wages and maintenance of jobs.

What full-time employees can be replaced by freelancers

Freelancers are hired by various companies. The main reasons are the prompt and high-quality performance of work due to strict deadlines, optimization of business processes, expansion of audience coverage, and at the same time minimization of costs.

Over the past few years, as the world has faced COVID-19, office workers and niche professionals have been forced to look for new sources of income. Firms that didn’t go broke changed attitudes toward labor and hired labor and began to implement free-to-earn economics (Reaganomics) closely linked to freelancing, the use of temporary contract employees, and remote work.

As a result of these changes, the freelance market has been replenished with professionals with high qualifications and narrow specialization, as well as “blue” collar workers. Average freelancers were people with higher education, experience, and accumulated knowledge. There were fewer newcomers among remote workers, and this also encouraged companies to hire them rather than staff them.

If you plan to perform one-time tasks or implement an action plan, remote specialists are involved who can replace full-time employees of the following professions:

  • copywriters, rewriters, proofreaders and editors;
  • content managers;
  • translators of websites, artistic and technical texts;
  • web programmers;
  • layout designers;
  • web designers;
  • 1C-programmers;
  • administrators of internet projects and groups in social networks;
  • SMM-managers;
  • directorologists;
  • designers (graphic, interior, landscape);
  • game designers;
  • SEO-optimizers;
  • specialists in the promotion of sites on the internet or social networks;
  • web analytics;
  • trainers and coaches providing educational and information and consulting services in the format of webinars;
  • financial analysts;
  • managers;
  • accountants;
  • specialists in financial modeling and so on.
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This is not a complete list of freelancers with whom companies of different levels and directions work. But even the example of these most popular specialties confirms the demand for freelance services and the effectiveness of cooperation with remote workers.

Why hiring freelancers is convenient and profitable

It is more profitable for employers of different levels to hire a freelancer than an office full-time employee. So they will save money and get the implemented project according to the terms of reference. There can be many reasons for cooperation with distance workers, but most often the decision in their favor is made on the basis of the following factors:

  • no need for office equipment (savings on rental and utility bills, furniture, office equipment, consumables);
  • savings on the wage fund by excluding deductions from wages for social guarantees in the form of vacation pay or payment of sick leaves in case of temporary disability;
  • payment, including in parts, upon completion of the tasks set within the framework of the terms of reference after the task is implemented;
  • the ability to attribute expenses to the company’s costs that reduce taxable profits (in relation to freelancers – individual entrepreneurs and under contract);
  • flexibility in choosing a specialist, when at almost any time you can refuse the services of one freelancer and hire another or divide a large project between several professionals (for example, agree on the creation of a website with a web designer, programmer, content manager);
  • savings on fees, since a freelancer, as a rule, is cheaper than permanent full-time staff with a similar list of tasks and responsibilities.
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Low efficiency of freelancers: myth or reality

There is a prejudice that full-time employees are more focused on the result. This opinion is based on the fact that permanent employees become members of a team and a team united by a single goal, especially after they pass the probationary period and receive official employment, participate in training and team-building events, and are impressed by the mission of the organization.

In fact, it’s more like the dreams of HR and the dreams of top executives. Full-time employees, like remote workers, choose a company according to certain mundane criteria (salary level, office location, work schedule, career opportunities, and so on), and not with the aim of “breaking the forehead, but helping the enterprise become the best.” Consequently, permanent employees cannot boast of maniacal loyalty and are not much different from remote ones hired to implement a certain project.

Moreover, the second category is rather aimed at the qualitative performance of the task in a timely manner, since the amount of their remuneration and the ability to start a new project as soon as possible depends on this, having received positive feedback from the customer. For comparison, if office workers also have to be transferred to remote work, consider that the task will fail. And it is freelance contractors who will be able to become a lifesaver in such a situation.

Freelancing – safe for all participants

In Russia, Ukraine and the post-Soviet space, unlike in the West, freelancing has not quite the right image. This is due to the fact that in these countries freelancers are associated with undergraduate and self-taught students who have not really understood the topic, but consider themselves professionals.

Of course, there is a percentage of freelancers who will gladly take on any part-time job that does not require serious qualifications and experience, wanting to get at least some penny. And such “free artists” are actually dangerous for firms: they rarely finish what they started, do not differ in efficiency and productivity, are not focused on results, disrupt deadlines or even can take an advance payment from the customer and hide after that.

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Because of such self-taught and insufficiently qualified personnel, the freelance market is bypassed, but, fortunately, the share of unscrupulous remote workers is negligible. Therefore, if you use the right recruitment services, you will not have to meet with scammers.

How to Find the Right Freelancer

For successful interaction with freelance specialists, it is necessary to approach the selection of a remote employee with special attention. Also, do not forget that for freelance experts you need to think through and competently draw up a technical task, organize the work correctly, formalize the relationship and terms of cooperation documented.

Freelancehunt is a service that is suitable both for the selection of narrow-profile specialists with experience in a certain field, and “universal soldiers” for solving one-time tasks. And the main thing is that all this is safe, simple, inexpensive, and effective.

By registering on the site, a freelancer can be sure that he will not be deceived, thanks to the reservation of funds to pay for the completed task. And the customer company does not have to puzzle over numerous organizational issues. In addition, this platform with a thoughtful, intuitive interface has the lowest commissions in the freelance market. Both executors and customers have the opportunity to quickly deposit or withdraw funds in any convenient way.

Using the service for hiring freelancers, business representatives implement projects of any complexity, without worrying that the final result will be of poor quality or differ from what is indicated in the terms of reference. To resolve controversial issues, there is an arbitration option. In addition, freelancers will allow you to save significantly by refusing to hire another unproductive worker.

It is expected that the demand for freelancers will only increase every year. For example, according to PwC research and forecast, by 2023 global freelance spending will amount to 7.5 trillion US dollars, and the volume of services performed remotely will grow 1.5 times compared to 2020.

Try the Freelancehunt service and be content with new experience, talented performers, successfully implemented projects in a short period of time.


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