You didn’t get paid. What’s next?

Almost every freelancer can face the problem of non-payment of labor. Let’s leave aside the work through the SAFE on the site and let’s be frank: often we work “under an honest” word, believing the customer and not having guarantees. And it happens that we come across unscrupulous employers.

Especially often, beginners fall on such a bait. But for those who have been working for a long time, such situations are not uncommon. What to do if you have done the work, know for sure that it is of high quality, and you are not paid? Let’s figure it out together.

Your work doesn’t deserve to be paid!

Have you ever heard that? Probably, yes. But, rest assured, you are a great specialist and you were just used. At the beginning of my activity, the first customer overwhelmed me with work. My fingers almost fell off while I was working with texts that needed to be clearly “adjusted” to standards and requirements.

And, now I understand, frankly stupid. But then, for the first time, I sincerely believed that my work would be appreciated, and I was doing everything right. As a result, as I remember now, I was paid 30 hryvnia for the first text. With this, the customer seemed to have shown that she was conscientious. But the following texts she just “stole”. She took them away and said they were bad.

Needless to say, after a while I began to read the text on one of the sites and was surprised to realize that this is MY job! My unpaid job! Honestly, after the first such experience, the desire to work completely disappeared. And the customer – Irina – behaved rudely: she was rude and disappeared.

From this follows the first conclusion: do not believe anyone, take an advance payment and… don’t give up. A “bad” experience is also part of the job.

Modesty is not the best option

It happens that it is very difficult to “knock out” payment from the customer. And you, in your modesty and simplicity of nature, are embarrassed to remind a person of payment. But do not be afraid: you honestly earned money and should demand it! It’s YOUR money – you’ve spent time and invested your intelligence. You do not work for someone’s business to develop, someone went to resorts and lived well. You earn for yourself and your family. And that’s your job.

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So get modesty and other nonsense out of your head. Even if you are an intelligent girl and you have 3 higher educations, but you are not paid, but fed breakfasts, throw away your excellent upbringing and demand money! Demand by any means, be able to stand up for yourself!

When swearing is not a sin

Of course, all disputes need to be resolved amicably. But if a person is an outright boor, does not pay you, and even offends with words, you have the right to scold him. That’s just like that, tastefully. I’m not talking about using foul language or open vulgarity. And you shouldn’t switch to personalities.

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But… say whatever you think about him. And if you see that a person is not going to pay you at all, then you are allowed to say EVERYTHING! That’s your right. And this can be expressed in different forms, the main thing is not to overdo it, and treat yourself with respect.


If the customer has not paid, and you understand for sure that he is not going to repay the debt, feel free to complain to the site support service. It is only necessary to have strong evidence: correspondence, for example. Even if you don’t get anything, then perhaps your complaint will benefit others, and this customer will no longer be able to harm anyone.

And in general, if there is an opportunity to complain, do it. Of course, in the work of a freelancer, there are not so many instances to which you can apply, but try to make an unscrupulous customer “known” at least among the performers.

Without blind trust

It’s often the case that the person you’re working with has always paid you, but let you down one last time. This is a very unpleasant situation. After all, on the one hand, you need money, and on the other, it is not very convenient for you to remind the customer with whom you are constantly in contact.

You can act carefully:

  • ask how the order went,
  • did it benefit,
  • did you like everything,
  • you can also praise the customer for good cooperation.

Usually, if the person is adequate, normal and understanding, you will receive payment on the same day.

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Don’t take on everything

If you are a beginner, you will most likely take on any job. But sometimes the fact that the customer is unscrupulous is immediately visible: those who do not want to pay usually indicate the minimum amounts for the work, but present many conditions and requirements.

If you feel that the customer is unscrupulous, then refuse such cooperation. Although there are other nuances: often very good customers were people who at first glance seemed unreliable. But some freelance flair suggested that everything would be fine. So, sometimes listen to yourself.

Draw conclusions

After an unpleasant situation with non-payment, always draw the right conclusions. It is best to interact with trusted employers. Take an advance payment, work through a safe (this type of cooperation is safe under certain conditions).

An unscrupulous customer can be both a freelancer and an ordinary employee. The only difference is that freelance customers are not afraid of anyone, because they know that “free birds” have nowhere to complain.

But such situations should be indicative for you. Always look at reviews on your customer profile, just in case. Do everything to prevent this from happening again. Money is really received from everyone, but it is worth being persistent and carefully studying the orders. Let a healthy anger awaken in you and some rigidity be formed.

Don’t give up, give up freelancing! Believe me, with time and experience, there will be fewer and fewer situations with non-payment until they come to naught.


Written by Shubham

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